Japan Formally Accepted in Super Rugby


Japan's entry into Super Rugby from 2016 is “a dream come true,” according to head coach Eddie Jones. Speaking from Tbilisi where the Brave Blossoms are preparing to take on Georgia on Sunday, Jones said “Winning the Super Rugby bid is a great vote of confidence from the SANZAR group and we are very appreciative of Australia, New Zealand and South Africa support.” Jones has long said that despite the huge improvements made in the Top League, Japanese players still struggled to bridge the … [Read more...]

What’s Holding Japan Rugby Back?

youth rugby japan

Hold onto your hats because what I am about to say may shock a few. The reason Japanese rugby has been held back over the years – and yes I know the Brave Blossoms are at an all time high in the world rankings but lower down the chain things aren't as good – isn't totally the fault of the Japan Rugby Football Union. Yes that's right. The JRFU may have their problems but one of the fundamental problems with rugby and indeed all sports in Japan is actually out of their hands. For a … [Read more...]

Where’s the “Wa”?

All for One! Japan Rugby!

The Japan Rugby Football Union have over recent years adopted the phrase “All for one, one for all,” as their catchphrase. So often as it been used by former prime minister Yoshiro Mori, the union's president, that it has started to appear in other walks of life in Japan as a modern day version of the spirit of wa. The problem is actions speak louder than words and over the years the various bodies that run rugby in Japan have shown they are anything but united in their bid to promote … [Read more...]